DIY Byron Bay Cleaning Hacks Video

If your looking for some really cool hacks for cleaning around the house this video is awesome.
All the tips here are environmentally friendly and work wonderful.

Our cleaning company Premier Cleaning Byron Bay loves to share these concepts with you all.
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Merry Chrissy & Happy New Year

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Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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Byron Bay Green Cleaning Service for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Are you an Asthma and allergy sufferer living in Byron Bay or surrounding area?  

Do you have a hard time when it comes to living a day without symptoms caused by your surroundings?
Maybe, it’s someone in your family who suffers, and you want to help? What if you could reduce the suffering, would that lead to a more fruitful life day to day?

It, sure would!Premier Byron Bay Cleaning Green Cleaning

That is why Premier Cleaning Byron Bay is Byron Bay’s number 1 solution to a healthier productive day with our Green cleans.
We understand your situation and are truly there to help, that’s a guarantee, because we truly care.

How Can We Help You?

As you can see from the tips below, we truly understand your needs and requirements. The tips below are just some of the areas we cover, and believe that you should put into practice too!

Allergy Cleaning Tips For You

Make sure all the symptom causing surroundings are removed, cleaned and managed.

  • Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust proof mite covers.
  • Wash sheets, pillow cases and blankets in 130 plus fare height (54.4 Celsius).
  • Vacuum clean weekly with a vacuum cleaner, which has a small particle or HEPA filter.
  • Hard floor services mopped weekly, wash area rugs, door and floor mats regularly.
  • All curtains should be made of a synthetic material or cotton and need to be washed once a year.
  • Keep windows closed and use air conditioning in the spring and when pollen is in season.
  • Anything that collects dust, such as trinkets, books and small statues should be either removed or dusted regularly.
  • Store all toys and stuffed animals in plastic bins.
  • Keep pets out of the house and bedrooms, washing your pets fortnightly may help reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Windowsills need to be cleaned regularly and kept clean with chlorine bleach cleaning products.
  • Always, wear a protective mask when cleaning moldy areas.
  • Heat and humidity is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and mold. It is advised that living areas be kept at approximately 21 degrees.
  • Small particle filters from heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned and replaced monthly.
  • Keep mildew under control with bleach and water; allow the solution to sit for approximately 5 minutes then rinse and dry. Always remember to wear protective gloves when cleaning with bleach or vinegar.
  • Of course there is much more that needs to be done to keep asthma and allergy sufferers free from symptoms such as keeping mold, mildew, dust, dust mites and moisture under control in places such as basements, kitchens, bedrooms, office, cupboards and even the loft.

Premier Cleaning Byron Bay, green cleaning services, truly do care about your needs and will provide not only the very best of care for your health, but our team of highly skilled trainers are friendly, polite and are truly there to make it all a nice experience.
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